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We offer over 20 years of experience to government contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and local government districts throughout South Florida.

This practice group focuses on public works' projects including highways, bridges, and transit and utility projects. We have also represented clients building government buildings like schools and post offices. The projects at issue range from the specialty public works project to large complex projects involving multiple parties and millions of dollars.

Counsel at the firm has represented clients in the following businesses: 

  • General/Commercial Contractors

  • Utility Contractors

  • Concrete Suppliers

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Plumbing Contractors

  • Roofing Subcontractors

  • HVAC Contractors

  • Excavation and Site Work Contractors

  • Steel Fabricators and Subcontractors

Drawing on the firms decades of experience, the firm handles a broad range of disputes, issues, and claims related to local, state, or federal government public works and other government procurement and purchase contracts. We advise and protect the rights of our clients regarding

  • Extra work claims and force account claims

  • Unforeseen conditions or differing site conditions disputes and claims

  • Liquidated damages, consequential damages, lost profits

  • Termination of the contract for cause and termination for convenience, or default wrongful contract termination

  • Enforcing subcontractor bids

  • Subcontract substitutions and the Fair Practices Act

  • Value engineering

  • Bid bonds

  • Payment bonds

  • Performance bonds

  • Miller Act bond claims

  • Government Code claims

  • Design professional liability and defense

  • Defective plans and specifications, and interference with contract claims

  • Failure of public agency to disclose unforeseen building or site conditions, or fraud

  • Local hiring requirements

  • Prevailing wage requirements and disputes

  • Delay claims and no damages for delay clauses, Eichleay formula home office overhead claims

  • Critical path method presentation of delay claims

  • Subcontractor listing law issues, Unfair Practices Act claims, and subcontractor substitutions

  • Subcontractor and subcontractor disputes, pass-through claims

  • Stop notices and stop notice release bonds

Our far reaching and deep expertise allows us to consistently provide realistic cost effective solutions to issues affecting our clients participating in public works projects and other government contracts. 

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