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We understand the various phases of construction disputes, from the development and transactional phase through the post-construction and litigation phase. 

Construction is a complex business requiring the skill and attention from many parties, the owner, the general contractor, the surety, the subcontractors and the material suppliers in order for a project to be successfully completed.


This complexity can contribute to a risk of litigation when disputes arise on construction projects. Owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in various industries look to Law Office of Buckley Correa for representation. We help them draft and solidify strong contracts and successfully handle any disputes that arise before, during, or after a project. 

We have tailored our legal practice to seamlessly integrate with the projects and the type of work in which our clients are engaged:

  • Private Construction Projects

  • Commercial/office spaces

  • Shopping/retail centers

  • Public construction projects 

We understand all aspects of a construction project and the complications that may arise. The types of claims the Law Office of Buckley Correa will handle: 

  • Mechanic’s Liens

  • Materialman’s Liens

  • Lien Foreclosure

  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations

  • Contract Disputes

  • Disputes With Contractors

  • Construction Contracts

  • Insurance Issues

  • Construction Appeals

  • Performance Bond Claims and Disputes

  • Payment Bond Claims and Disputes

  • Default

  • Construction Defect Claims

  • Warranty Claims

  • Claims For Payment Or Delay

  • Performance Defects

  • Subcontractor Agreements

  • Commercial Development Agreements

  • Nonperformance

  • Infrastructure projects

  • Surety issues

  • Mechanic’s liens

  • Contractor licensing issues

  • Business formation (construction companies)

  • Building and Zoning Disputes

  • Delay Damage Claims

  • General Construction Litigation 

Whether you are engaged in an ongoing dispute or are seeking legal guidance to avoid complications, our firm can address the legal complexities with you and formulate a customized legal plan. 

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