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A good homeowners’ or condominium association plays an important role in maintaining your property values and ensuring your enjoyment of your property. However, a bad HOA may do the opposite and force you to spend a lot of money.

We can help HOAs grow their communities, maintain property values and meet the obligations and fiduciary duties placed on board members and their managing agents. Board members have become inundated with not only understanding their governing documents but also are subject to many laws and regulations promulgated by federal and state legislative bodies. Through its services, the Law Office of Buckley Correa works to demystify the law, you governing documents and your obligations to your community. 

The types of areas that we would be involved in:

  • Enforcement of Association Rules and Architectural Guidelines

  • Drafting, Revising, and Interpreting Governing Documents

  • Advising Boards of Directors about their Legal Rights and Obligations Under the Association Documents

  • Collection and Litigation matters 

  • Developer Turnover Issues 

  • Revising and Negotiating Contracts with Suppliers 

  • Elections and Voting Procedures

  • Insurance

We also protect homeowners from these so called bad HOAs that are abusing their power in various disputes:

  • Negligence

  • Covenant Violations

  • Neighbor Disputes

  • Common Area Disputes

  • Selective Enforcement

  • Failure to Repair

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